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Our 360 Photobooth allows you to dance to your favorite songs while we record you in
action. Your video will be recorded at lightning speed and immediately delivered to
your phone via text or email.

One couple kissing during NYE on the 360 Photo booth!
Houston Derby Brunch event dancing on the 360 Photo booth!

Technology at Your Fingertips

Experience fun with a 360 view

Optic 360 Photo Booths is the premiere photo booth rental company in Texas specializing in weddings, corporate events, formals, and parties.  We strive to set ourselves apart through an exceptional customer service experience, high-quality photo booths, unique services, and competitive pricing.  We believe that our services and our unequivocal commitment to our customers and partner businesses uniquely position us to be a vendor aligned with similar businesses that have a history and goal of providing outstanding service.  We seek to form a partnership with your company in order to give your clients an unmatched and reliable option when deciding on a photo booth rental company.

Optic 360 offers customers a seamless experience with added services not typically provided by similar companies.  By taking an innovative approach and allowing each customer to build their own photo booth experience, we have set ourselves apart



Whether intimate or large, Optic 360 captures all the fun of events.

All Videos

All Videos

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How Does It Work?

Personalize Your Experience

1. Book Your Event with Optic 360

2. Optic 360 creates a unique video filter for your guests

3. Optic 360 arrives early to your event to set up the booth in a prime location

4. Optic 360 encourages guests to use the Optic 360 photobooth and assists them with saving their videos and gifs

5. Once your event ends, you will receive access to all of the videos



Hear from our clients on how they enjoyed their experience.

"This was my favorite part of the event!"

"I am going to every party/event that has a 360 Photobooth!"

"This was so much fun.  They sent us the video literally 3 minutes after we took the video!  It was super cool."

Joan Marks

Raymond Souza

Maggie Stalk

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